Be Part of JJ-Lurgi

Life at JJ-Lurgi

JJ-Lurgi is a close-knit company with family oriented values. We believe in fostering a bond between our people in order to create a harmonious working environment that is both committed and an enjoyable working experience.

Longevity has been key to our success and finding a balance of life and camaraderie at work is why JJ-Lurgi has many long serving employees that has forged over a lifetime of friendships.

Why Join Us?

Make A Difference

As environmental sustainability becomes urgent and cost of living increases for the everyday person’s life, you have the opportunity to help reduce the carbon footprint and improve process efficiencies of one of the most important industry in the world.

Career Development

JJ-Lurgi offers numerous opportunities for individuals to grow through real hands-on experience, coaching and empowering of our employees to build their own career path.

Working Culture

We prioritize having a healthy working environment that is open for learning and teaching in order to make sure everyone can be valuable and be able to contribute to the success of the company.