Using Technology to Create Sustainable Returns

We provide innovative technologies that focus on the processing of renewable raw materials including oil seeds, edible oil, oleochemicals and biofuels. We offer expertise in the areas of process development, detailed plant engineering, global sourcing and plant upgrading. We design solutions that optimise resource utilisation, creating efficient processes that factor in the impact of the plant on people and the environment.

Taking the long-term view ourselves, we see our role in providing the best possible start for our clients’ future business. The development and application of technology are a means to this end. Ultimately, we continue to build our reputation on the reliability and performance of projects over time.

Oil Seeds Extraction

At JJ-Lurgi, we offer preparation and extraction technology for a variety of oilseeds. Some of our milestone projects include 5000TPD soybean extraction and 1100TPD palm kernel extraction.

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Edible Oil Refining

At JJ-Lurgi, we deliver state-of-the-art technology backed by over 100 years of experience. To this date, we have supplied the world’s largest single edible oil refinery at 3,500 tons per day.

Fats Modification

We offer a range of services, from dry fractionation to hydrogenation and interesterification of vegetable oil. Our expertise lies in designing various process pathways to produce customized edible oil end products.

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As the world market leader in oleochemical technologies, we offer a variety of solutions for processing vegetable oil into fatty acids, glycerine, methyl esters, and fatty alcohols.

Methyl Ester (Biodiesel)

At JJ-Lurgi, we are the pioneers of the transesterification process that produces FAME Biodiesel. We have supplied biodiesel plants all over the world with capacities ranging from 200TPD to 3000TPD.