Edible Oil Refining

Our Experience in Edible Oil Refining

Lurgi is the industry pioneer in edible oil refining. We have built and developed edible oil refining technology over a century. Now with our new innovative concepts, we supply the most energy efficient plants to produce the best quality refined oils.

We offer state of the art solutions for oil refining.

  • Oil Degumming
  • Neutralisation
  • Winterisation
  • Oil Bleaching (Batch / Continuous)
  • Deodorisation
  • Semi Continuous Deodorisation
  • Soapstock Splitting
  • Oil Washing and Pretreatment for HVO

Lurgi’s advertisement, circa 1930s – High Vacuum Fatty Acid Distillation for Edible Oils and Fatty Acid

Lurgi’s patent for the Mammoth Pump Deodorising Column

Lurgi’s patent for the Mammoth 
Pump Deodorising Column

Edible Oil Refining Process

Degumming and Bleaching

Crude oil contains phosphotides that need to be removed via acid degumming. To remove these gums, as well as to produce an attractive colour, oil needs to go through a bleaching process.


To achieve good quality oil, free fatty acids and odour must be removed through a deodorising process. Here, the oil is heated to a high temperature under vacuum in order to strip away the free fatty acids along with its odour.

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